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Hello there, Mobian World Wrestling fans,members,rosters and administrators.

First,I'd like to thank everyone who's joined the company and I'll also like to thank those who have dedicated their work and contribution to the Mobian World Wrestling company and supporting us, I appreciate it all,even if I have not had a chance to talk to you yet,I appreciate your joining and contribution(s) to Mobian World Wrestling,thank you. :thanks:

Now,for the reasoning of this blog entry....

It's been brought to my attention by another administrator that there has been certain work submitted here in the company and though I do appreciate the fact of those submitting work here at all,there are submissions that are allowed and submissions that aren't allowed.

I know I have discussed this another time,but since there are newcomers here,I have to speak on it here again.

What's allowed:
-Anything Mobian World Wrestling Related.

-A rosters promo (rather it be in storyline in relating to MWW, picture relating to MWW or animation relating to MWW).

-Humans are allowed here as there are humans in the world ("mainly" anime styled),but it has to relate to MWW in someway.
(This means,any species are allowed here,as long as it has to do with... yes,you've guessed it,MWW)
[Of course,the companies main focus are mobians as this is "Mobian" World Wrestling]

What's not allowed:
-Photo's of real people/wrestlers.

-Pictures that aren't MWW related.

-Submission of characters from others who aren't members of MWW.
(I can't stress that enough...)

[And some other things aren't allowed not listed ... but I'll get to that when or if the problem evolves into a problem]

For anyone who's looking to submit mobian related works that isn't Mobian Wrestling or has nothing to do with the company,there is another group that allows anything mobian which is our brethren group MobianUniverse,where all mobians meet. You're welcome to go there to submit anything mobian,I'm much more than sure that you will be accepted there.
You're still welcome to stay here as well,just keep the submissions within' what's allowed. :thanks:

If there are anymore questions on what's allowed and not allowed,please feel free to "personally" talk to the founder (me),and I'll let you know what you'll need to know,in due time... if I am here... I am sometimes a hard one to catch for personal reasons.

I apologize for any inconvenience to everyone about any of this.  

Everyone enjoy your days.
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Who's checked the group out. :meow:
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Other info,rules and news!

:bulletred:For anyone wishing to speak with The Founder of the company... he is currently unavailable due to personal problems... but for any questions still leave him a note and he will get back to you as soon as time permits it....

Before "requesting to join" please note on your join request your reasons for wishing to join this prestigious company here.

If for some reason one of the staff has declined your invitation into the company.. you have a right to note the Founder (me) of the group about it if you felt it was unfair.
The Founder usually don't decline anyone... so talk to him if you have to.


I really only have a few "major" rules which I expect to be both read and followed.

Very IMPORTANT rule:

Despite the fact this is a place where mobians and other 'rosters' "have it out" with one another for FUN,however "human-wise" (this means you,the creator of whatever it is that you do here) this is a "MEMBER FRIENDLY" environment,which means watchers,members,and especially higher ranks,I don't want,nor need any kind of harassment or "hate related" speeches of any kind on here,or towards other members.
This includes racism (The most important one), hate on other members or their characters on a personal level or anything of the like. Keep it away from here please... if you don't like that this is a "MEMBER FRIENDLY" environment,please go somewhere else where you're hate or harassment will be welcomed,it is not welcomed here. Thank you.


The other important rule:

Under any circumstances,other than canon characters (ex. Sonic, Tails, Vegeta, Goofy, ect.) ... fan created/original characters from other artists/deviantART members who are NOT members here in this "group" their characters aren't permitted as a submission here. This also includes pictures or submissions that includes a member's character in it... unless that non member character is a valet to the member character... they cannot participate in the matches or be involved in anyway.

Also,only submit work that has to do with this company or it's affiliates (which means,anything that isn't MWW or Wrestling... ),anything else isn't prohibited here.

-Wrestling Companies like WWE/Impact Wrestling/ROH/ect. are not our affiliates...

I apologize for the inconvenience,but this was a rule I had to submit here. If there are any questions about this rule,feel free to talk with me on it(privately).

However,if you want to feature someone's character who isn't a member here (that isn't a valet),all you have to do is request for them to be invited here (if you don't already have the power to invite them yourself),and if that person accepts,then you are free to use that character on a featured segment.

Ok,that is all for now.

However I will also say as of now,if a submission you submit has this rule broken...that submission will be taken down...sorry. :shrug:


Rules set by the Founder himself.

Coming Soon:
(Open Invitationals for all,though acceptance by vote...)

Championships (Main Event Brands)

Mobian World Wrestling Championship (Exclusive)
- "Considered" Abandoned

Mobian World Heavyweight Championship
-Merged as of 2015 to the main Championship with the same used name.

Mobian Woman's World Championship

Master Emerald Championship

Mobian Tag Team World Championship

Mobian Woman's Tag Team World Championship

World Wide Web Championship

Mobian Hardcore Champion
-Akim (Introduced)

Free Visitor Maps at


We'll affiliate with any Wrestling and/or Sonic (Mobian) Group that is supportive of this group.

I (The Founder) would hope that anyone who affiliates with this company will also join as well,though you don't "necessarily" have to,but it would be nice..

I (The Founder) however do have to 'be able to' join your group. Any nonacceptance or denials will be dealt with by the drop of your group affiliation as it isn't a "true" affiliation. If your group is "invite only" I would like for you to send me an invite.. I will accept your invite.


Here are the featured Staff of this Group.

Rank System:

The One in total control of everything that goes on. Controls ranks,maintains control from chaos,and makes final decisions of ideas.

Co. Founder:
Helps the Founder with many things. Also must be able to maintain control as if the founder will do.

Those of the staff or helpers who's contributed anything to this group in either art,storyline or ideas along with their characters of course.
Note: You don't have to have characters who are wrestlers,but some type of action has to take place to contribute.

Contributors MUST be able to respond to others on here,which of course includes the upper ranks,or you may end up being demoted to a member.
The reason for that is because a contributor has to be able to help out another member,rather if it's just in question,or whatever is needed. An ignored question or first response to a contributor will surely get them demoted,that is only in effect if that contributor was proven to be in fact,able to respond.

:bulletblue: Of course... ALL who are admins or "wants to be" admins HAVE to be watching the founder with your active account AND associating with the founder of this company...

:bulletred: If you voluntarily demote yourself rather by leaving the company, deactivating your account without notifying me personally or something else in relation to that and then you decide you want to come back,you may not get that admins rank back again,just a warning.

You may always be a member though,which is better than nothing. :3

Notes: :new:
Please don't ask for being an upper rank,I will give you a rank if I feel you are deserving of it.
You may however discuss being a certain rank level with me and i'll explain what must be done,but the Contributors are considered a very high rank until further notices of changes.

Members/Standard Staff:
Either staff or loyal fans to this group.
The staff that are members are those who haven't done anything yet other than have their characters added to the group or allowed for their character to be featured on any segment that the group provide and nothing else afterwords,or are just around like the members (fans) who are just sticking around to see what's in store until they contribute something to move their rank up.
Other members might possibly be helpers in some way,which with enough work,will also make them into a contributor.

To even be a member here,you DO in fact have to be a friend,you DO have to get along,and when spoken to,respond,or you may find yourself out of membership,which is a permanent decision if the founder is who makes the decision ... this is a "Friends ONLY Zone!"

Also remember,if you leave the group (without discussing it with the Founder), you will not be welcomed back ever!
Deactivation of accounts (without me knowing about it) also applies by that same rule... you won't be welcomed back.

So be friendly,and that is your friendly warning from your friendly founder. :meow:

Contracted Rosters (2011-2012):

Rules are subject to change.









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Lo siento por la respuesta tardía.. :c
ponces245 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok ^^
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I actually seen that I already accepted your invitation.. but I do look forward to seeing what you have to offer here~ :thanks:
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AshleyWolf259 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
S'always been great being here. Thanks all for seeing my work. :hug:
Thought it's time I moved on from Mobians.
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You will be missed my friend.
DJCatt Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014
You're very welcome Ash.. :hug:

I'm glad that you were around here when you were into Mobians.. I'm glad that you actually mentioned that you were leaving.. so with that said.. I wish you luck with the medium that you've moved too and it isn't like that I'm not still watching your work.. so I'll still see what you have to offer. Thank you for your time in the MWW~ :thanks:
AshleyWolf259 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
NP DJ. :hug:
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