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Hello there, Mobian World Wrestling fans,members,rosters and administrators.

First,I'd like to thank everyone who's joined the company and I'll also like to thank those who have dedicated their work and contribution to the Mobian World Wrestling company and supporting us, I appreciate it all,even if I have not had a chance to talk to you yet,I appreciate your joining and contribution(s) to Mobian World Wrestling,thank you. :thanks:

Now,for the reasoning of this blog entry....

It's been brought to my attention by another administrator that there has been certain work submitted here in the company and though I do appreciate the fact of those submitting work here at all,there are submissions that are allowed and submissions that aren't allowed.

I know I have discussed this another time,but since there are newcomers here,I have to speak on it here again.

What's allowed:
-Anything Mobian World Wrestling Related.

-A rosters promo (rather it be in storyline in relating to MWW, picture relating to MWW or animation relating to MWW).

-Humans are allowed here as there are humans in the world ("mainly" anime styled),but it has to relate to MWW in someway.
(This means,any species are allowed here,as long as it has to do with... yes,you've guessed it,MWW)
[Of course,the companies main focus are mobians as this is "Mobian" World Wrestling]

What's not allowed:
-Photo's of real people/wrestlers.

-Pictures that aren't MWW related.

-Submission of characters from others who aren't members of MWW.
(I can't stress that enough...)

[And some other things aren't allowed not listed ... but I'll get to that when or if the problem evolves into a problem]

For anyone who's looking to submit mobian related works that isn't Mobian Wrestling or has nothing to do with the company,there is another group that allows anything mobian which is our brethren group MobianUniverse,where all mobians meet. You're welcome to go there to submit anything mobian,I'm much more than sure that you will be accepted there.
You're still welcome to stay here as well,just keep the submissions within' what's allowed. :thanks:

If there are anymore questions on what's allowed and not allowed,please feel free to "personally" talk to the founder (me),and I'll let you know what you'll need to know,in due time... if I am here... I am sometimes a hard one to catch for personal reasons.

I apologize for any inconvenience to everyone about any of this.  

Everyone enjoy your days.
Tigerslam Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011
ive been getting annoyed with all the stupid badnicks that have been added lately. or the pictures of sonic (not wrestling sonic mind you) this is a WRESTLING mobian wresthing yes. but you need to have the 2
not JUST sonic and not JUST wrestling..
DJCatt Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011
Very right Brad. :thanks:
I'm just hoping that those who needs to know will read this and know what is and what is not allowed and also understand that this is mobian wrestling and not "just another" Sonic or another wrestling group as there are many of both of those kinds of groups on deviantART,but only a few that specializes in "mobian wrestling" as an individual,I believe you know what I mean.
Tigerslam Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011
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